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Posted by Clare Hamilton on Sept 06, 2015

Select from the following Package Options:



Gourmet Cocktails

  • 40 Mini beef burger with lettuce and aioli.
  • 48 Cebavi skewers with coriander yoghurt (GF)
  • 40 Sumac Lamb Pastries with a cucumber dipping sauce
  • 40 Saffron and parmesan risotto balls (V)
  • 50 Peri Peri chicken fillet on sweet corn and coriander fritters
  • 40 proscuitto wrapped scallops. GF
  • 60 Chicken and pesto finger sandwiches.

Total 333 pieces $ 929 with one (1) caterer;
Add one (1) bar attendant $ 132 (4 hours);
Add dessert catering $ 176 (80 pieces);


Budget Package

Perfect for 18th’s, 21st’s, sporting clubs & casual gatherings.
Please note: - This package is a blend of homemade and quality commercially manufactured finger food.

  • 2 Trio of Dips with Turkish bread and vegtable sticks
  • 50 Savoury beef sausage rolls accompanied by a tomato relish
  • 50 pumpkin and feta tarts. V
  • 50 petite beef hamburgers.
  • 60 Chciekn and pesto sanwhiches
  • 2 Cheese and fruit platter.

    Total 465 pieces $890 with 1 caterer;
    Add one (1) bar attendant $ 132 (4 hours);
    Add dessert catering $ 176 (80 pieces);


    Mini Meals


    • Noodle box, paper cone and mini bowl foods. $6.80 each minimum 40 of each variety.

    • Wait staff $ 35 per hour, minimum hire 3 hours. Calculated based on guest numbers.
      • Beer battered flathead tails with crunchy steak chips and tartar. 
      • Mini bowls of risotto topped with parmesan cheese and micro herbs.  Talk to our chef to select your favourite risotto flavour. GF and V available.
      • Pulled pork and Asian slaw served in a noodle box. 
      • Salt and pepper calamari with beer battered chips and a tangy mayo.
      • Thai pumpkin and cashew curry with jasmine rice
      • Rendang beef and potato curry with coconut rice and roti bread.
      • Homemade beef sausage roll rolled in butter puff pastry with relish.
      • Long vegetable BBQ skewer drizzled with basil dressing.
      • Butter chicken with lemon scented rice and mini pappadams.
      • Crispy fish soft shell tacos with corn and avocado salsa and chipotle mayo.
      • Arancini cheese ball with a pesto cream sauce topped with parmesan.
      • Beef and cheese burger served in a sesame bun with lettuce relish and aioli.
      • Tuscan spiced grilled chicken tacos with tomato and cucumber salsa and a coriander yoghurt.
      • Lamb kofta skewer on flatbread, shanklist and mint relish
      • Thai chicken noodle salad rice noodles, capsicum, snowpeas, sprouts and Asian herbs in a sweet soy chilli dressing.
      • Chicken Caesar salad boxes, cos, boiled egg, crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, tarragon dressing. 
      • Crispy beef salad tossed with baby lettuce leaves, been shoots, julienne vegetables and a Smokey chilli mayonnaise.
    If you have an idea of an alternative mini meal, please suggest it to our chef and we will try to accommodate you. Please note that mini meal prices do not inlclude wait staff.



    BeverAGE Package

    Premium Package

    1 Hour $18.00 +GST per person;
    3Hours $29.00 +GST per person
    4 Hours $38.00 +GST per person
    5 Hours $43.00 +GST per person

    This includes, Carlton Draught, Cascade light, local red and white wines, sparkling wine, OJ, H2O, and 3 soft drink flavours selected by host.  Beverage staff, Glassware, drink trays, ice, ice tubs and a Cool room if required
    Please contact us if you require any specific requirements for your beverage selections – Happy to customize a package to suit your needs.

    Buffet Menus

    Minimum of 40 guests for any buffet menu

    Buffet menu 1 $46.00
    Your choice of 3 salads (see salad options)
    Your choice of 1 hot selection (see hot selections options)
    Soft herb focaccia with butter and pesto
    Accompaniments - Chutney, relish, mustards and sauces
    Australian selection of cheeses with lavosh, muscatels, fig jam and almonds

    Buffet menu 2 $63.00
    Your choice of 4 salads (see salad options)
    Your choice of 2 hot selections (see hot selections options)
    Soft herb focaccia with butter and pesto
    Continental sliced meat platter – prosciutto, salami, honey smoked ham and chorizo
    Accompaniments - Chutney, relish, mustards and sauces
    Australian selection of cheeses with lavosh, muscatels, fig jam and almonds

    Salad Selection options.
    Caesar salad
    Bacon, egg and potato salad
    Pasta salad with a creamy sun dried tomato dressing
    Mediterranean roasted vegetable salad with fresh basil pesto
    Green leaf salad with sweet balsamic dressing
    Waldorf (Apple, celery, walnut & mayonnaise)
    Greek salad
    French green bean and pecan salad with honey and chive dressing
    Indian spiced chickpea salad
    Asian style rice salad
    Cherry tomato, red onion & lettuce salad with coriander oil & croutons
    Balsamic & garlic grilled eggplant and artichoke salad
    Tomato, basil & bocconcini cheese salad drizzled with olive oil
    Green bean & saffron linguini salad

    Hot Selections
    Each hot selection has a hot accompaniment included

    Seared fillet of beef with rosemary roasted baby potatoes with red wine jus
    Soy braised pork belly with kaffir lime fragrant rice
    Herb and mustard lamb with roasted seasonal vegetables with basil pesto
    Butter chicken curry (mild) with lemon scented basmati rice
    Seared seasonal fish fillets – with steamed green beans & zucchini with gremolata
    Roasted pieces of chicken with sage and lemon butter with fluffy tomato polenta
    Chicken cacciatore with giant cous cous with basil oil
    Indonesian beef curry with cashew pilaf
    Pumpkin, almond and spinach dry curry with turmeric & lemon roasted potatoes
    Beef and orange braise with potato, herb and parmesan mash
    Tandoori chicken pieces (breast) with fragrant rice and coriander & lime yoghurt
    Shredded chicken, mushroom and thyme risotto with steamed seasonal vegetables in light pesto
    Roasted pumpkin portions with green beans, fetta, pine nuts and spinach.
    Beef rending curry with coconut fragrant rice and roti bread.
    Buffet menu notes:
    Prices include chefs/kitchen staff to set and service your buffet.
    Prices include trestles for your buffet, white linen cloths, all platters and salad bowls for the buffet, chaffing dishes and any other required equipment for your buffet table.


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